Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Review About Web Mining

Web mining is the application for discovering pattern data mining technique from website. Data mining is divided into three types according analysis target which are web usage mining is the application that use the data mining to compile and founded the interesting pattern of user usage data in the web site. It may consist of text, image, audio, video or structure records like list and table.

Web structure mining process of that using graph theory for analyze the node and structure connection of a web site. Web structure mining compile pattern from hyperlink in the website. Web usage mining is the application use data mining to analyze and describe interesting data or pattern of the user’s usage in the web.

The Benefit Usage Web Mining

1. Page ranking metrics like whenever we search data in search engine like Google it will make a metric for ranking hypertext document that determine the quality of these document. It will be make a rank in web searching data web world.

2. Robot Detection and Filtering like a program to help users to automatically transverse the hyperlink structure of the web in order to locate and retrieve information.

3. Information scent is a concept that use the pattern and information presented that around link in the web site, for evaluate quality from web itself

4. User profiles is a method for note all user activity in the web

5. Personalized Customer Experience in E-commerce is a process user note that online buying process behavior that usually users visited in web.

6. Web Search provide user access to information in widely and in commons. That simply and faster of the search facility

7. Web-wide tracking it provide an understanding of an individual of an individual’s lifestyle and habit to a level unpredicted.

8. Understanding auction behavior it to providing a forum for each such community to interact among them self.

9. Personalized Portal for the Web it designed that user to have insight into an private web usage habit, it compile personal content, that popularized by yahoo web site.

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