Friday, March 4, 2011

The Modern Organization Functioning in a Global Environment

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The Modern Organization Functioning in a Global Environment

1. Make summary about the impact of the global, Web-based platform on the residential real estate industry. Be specific with Web sites that you use for example.
2. Access . Prepare a report regarding the latest electronic commerce developments in the digital age.
1. is one example sales property in industrial estate. main function of this web is sales property that promote by real estate industry or property owner that want to sales their property. In this web we can choose location that we need. For example we need buy property in Jakarta or Yogyakarta this web provide information about property which sell. So we don’t net to search in location for just looking around. This web include in B2C (business to Customer) and C2C (customer to customer) in e-commerce. Many promotions in this web like from many bank that promote credit KPR with high profit. So if you wants to buy property like home, apartment, hotel and the other can be one of your solutions.

“Social Engineering” a.k.a. Phishing
Yay! I opened my Inbox this morning and I just won another LOTTERY I never participated in! Feeling lucky don’t you? This is what I just received:

We are pleased to inform you of your Email Success in our Computer Balloting made today for winners from the AUSTRALIAN LOTTERY EMAIL AWARD, as part of our Promotional Draws held this month.
This is a Scientific Computer Game in which your Email Address was used. It is a Promotional Program by AUSTRALIAN LOTTERY EMAIL AWARD.It is a Promotional Program that chooses emails world wide to encourage Internet users; therefore you do not require buying Ticket to enter for it. This is an Email Internet Program were winners are randomly selected from all over the world through Computer Draw System and extracted from over 800,000 Email Addresses from Unions, Association and Corporate Bodies listed online.
Below are your Winning Details:
Reference No: 575061725
Batch No: 056490902/188
Ticket No: 07-42-97-66-11-00
Winning Number No: ILP/HW46704/08
Wow. You don’t think I would rush checking for the accuracy or genuineness of this award right? Of course not, because for one simple reason, this kind of message could not deserve even a curiosity let alone excitement. This is obviously a phishing message which is a gateway to identity theft.
Just check out what the message has to say further:
To claim your winning prize, you are to fill and send the form above to your regional claims agent via:
C/O: Mr.Philips Mckiff.
[1] FULL NAMES………………….
[2] ADDRESS…………………….
[4] SEX………………………..
[5] DATE OF BIRTH……………….
[6] NATIONALITY…………………
[8] OCCUPATION………………….
[9] MOBILE PHONE #………………
[10] WINNING NUMBER……………..
Please, remember to quote your Reference and Batch Numbers provided above in every one of your correspondences with our claims department.
You’re right, there are swappers!
One day your Inbox is visited by a stranger who claimed to be the heir of a dead billionaire from Country-you-never-knew-exists who was looking for business partners outside the country. On another, you could not believe your eyes when reading an e-mail purportedly informing you that you just won five million dollars from a lottery. Meanwhile you just got a simultaneous e-mail from your bank asking you to update your e-banking data by accessing certain website linked from that e-mail.
But, while it is easy to give this advice, in practice people are still getting caught with the lure of these people. Stories about people losing their saving or having their credit card misused for transactions they never did or those whose data are used for faking documents, are already becoming running headlines in many places in the world.
The method used in alluring people is called “social engineering” method. This is where the writer (Yes, the swipe/stealer) created an emotional sense of urgency, emergency, curiosity, sympathy, or even excitement to on the reader’s side. With these emotional feeling, the reader could easily be swayed and led to the deception. The phishes would subsequently attempts to fraudulently retrieve legitimate users’ confidential or sensitive credentials by mimicking electronic communications from a trustworthy or public organization in an automated fashion.
Throughout email my Inbox the following are among the most popular social engineering methods used by the identity phishes:
• Winning a prize, lottery, gift, year-end bonus, etc.;
• Business opportunities, investment, joint capital venture;
• Romantic engagement, date, social relationship;
• Security alert, password change, non-active online account;
• Administrative works, database upgrading, status update;
• Emergency nature, lost and found, criminal victims;
• Personal problems, health, sex drugs, etc.
So beware and carefully from email like that.

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